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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Dear Family,

This week was kind of an emotional week for me. A lot happened Here is the update:

We found quite a few new investigators this week. One was an excommunicated member we stooped by. He just got out of jail and he wants to come back to church and get re-baptized and go through the lessons again. He grew up in the church and was active his whole life. He was on the high council, a stake executive secretary, and a stake mission leader, so it is weird to teach him the simple doctrine of the lessons, but he is receptive. He wasn't able to come to church, but he has some promise. 

We were not able to meet with the Reddings this week, but we are meeting with them tonight. We had quite a few less-actives come to church again this week. Toni made it and a few others that just randomly showed up. I just don't get it!

President Dickey's daughter came home from her mission in Nicaragua on Tuesday and she spoke on Sunday. It was really good. Which reminds me... I was talking to Sister Dickey about Utah State. Her daughter is also going there in the fall. She said to make sure to do SOAR online? Not there? I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about, but I thought I would mention it. Maybe you have already have that figured out.

Zone conference was on Tuesday. It was pretty incredible as usual. President Taylor talked about his dad who passed away a little while ago and how we receive help from the other side of the veil from our family members and friends. Of course it was his last zone conference, too. He gave me my departing interview which was cool. We mostly talked about the mission and why he put me where he put me. He said that he knew he could put me wherever he needed me and that I would do what needed to be done. That was probably the best compliment I have ever received from him. We talked a little bit about life after the mission. Here is something cool. He and Sister Taylor ill be in Island Park on the weekend of my homecoming and he said he wanted to come! So that will be a lot of pressure.  It was good conference, though. It was probably the last time I will see them as missionaries... and I didn't get a picture. Rookie mistake. I have plenty of memories in my head though. I am so thankful for the Taylor's and all they have taught me. I will be forever grateful for them.

We got some sad news on Saturday morning. Elder Gordon Lambert passed away in his sleep. He was a senior missionary with his wife. They got here about a month after I did and went home about a month ago, so they have been with me essentially the whole time. He was only in his early 60's. It was so out of the blue. He was best friends with President Taylor. They grew up in Burley together and they have been lifelong friends. It was some really sad news. I am thankful for the Plan of Salvation. Alma even says that death is part of the plan of happiness. We have to die to be happy. We don't know the reason for the Lord's timing, but I am thankful for Elder Lambert and his service and I now he is continuing to serve the Lord in the sirit world.

I got the package. Thank you so much. Also, I have not seen my flight plans. Do you know if i am flying straight from Portland to Idaho Falls? I might have to go to Salt Lake then to Idaho Falls. I guess I will get home eventually!

Tell Bish I"m in for speaking with him in August. Do we still call him the Bish?

I have one cool thought from zone conference from President Anderson, the first counselor in the mission presidency. He talked about two seas in the holy land, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The Sea of Galilee is beautiful and clear and lush while the Dead Sea is ugly and nasty and dirty. They both come from the Jordan river. Why the difference? the Jordan River flows into the Sea of Galilee and then it flows out on the other side. The dead Sea just collects it all. Get the analogy? When we share what we have and distribute to those in need, we are blessed. When we keep everything for ourselves, we are not. I thought it was a good analogy. 

Thanks so much for the email! I love you and I hope everybody has a great week!

Love: Jaxon

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