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Monday, April 25, 2016


Dear Family,

Transfer week was crazy as always. Here are some answers to some of your questions:

Elder Labis is from the Philippines. He had never been to America until about a month ago. He spent about five months as a missionary in the Philippines waiting for his visa to come here. His English is ok. We have a language study every day. It is weird teaching somebody else English. So there is obviously a communication barrier and a culture barrier, but it's ok. Elder Labis is really funny and sporadic and we get along well. The Sunnyside ward is incredible. It is even better than I remember. The bishop is so on board and that plays a huge part in it. It is the biggest ward int he stake and the leadership her is awesome. I didn't really have anything to compare it to the first time I was here, so I am looking at it with a whole new perspective. Quite a few people remember me actually. I am surprised. I am remembering more and more people everyday. It is fun to be back. Elder Labis and I don't have a car. It is kind of stressful, but we make it work. We have to depend on the members for rides. We mostly walk, but we ride bikes sometimes. The ward mission leader has a young family and is super busy, but he knows what he is doing. We live in an apartment across the street from where I was the first time I was here. It is just Elder Labis and I that live there. We have a few investigators we are working with. Robert walked into church a couple months ago and wanted to be baptized. He has been working on overcoming some Word of Wisdom issues and going to church, but he is on-date for May 14th. We are working with a couple of part-member families. We had tow investigators come to church yesterday so that was sweet. We have a decent teaching pool. 

I have a few cool connection stories! First, there is someone in our ward that served in the same mission as Shawn in San Diego at the same time. His last name is Coffey, so he told me that his mission president wanted to put him and Shawn together for obvious pun reasons. But Elder Coffey was Spanish so he said he doesn't know him super well. Second, the young men's president here is really good friends with Rex Fullmer. His name is Jim Zorns. I guess they went to college together. Anyway, he sent him a picture of us and got a response so that was cool. Third, there is somebody in the ward that worked with Steve Ard and Wade Treasure so they know them super well. Fourth, Danielle Gibson's sister's husband's parents are in this ward! HaHa! 

The weather here is starting to get warmer and it is raining less frequently. That is especially nice since we are walking. 

Thanks for the updates from home. Baseball is the best. Thanks for the updates on all of that. Go Cavs@ LeBron always sweeps in the first round. Lucky for us, we only have to face either Golden State or San Antonio, instead of both. Hopefully they can keep going and Cleveland can get a championship! I will be sure to keep Jayce in my prayers. What a stressful time for them. I'm also glad that Austin had a good time at prom. Some pictures would be great. 

Thanks also for taking care of all the college stuff. It is nice not worrying about it here so thank you.

That is a great thought from Tyler McKellar. He gives the best talks. Remember the one he gave about what happens next? I still remember that from like five years ago. I have found on my mission that 99% of the time, a testimony comes over time. Usually people have an aha moment somewhere along the path, but it still takes time. A lot of people worry about getting that huge moment of light and it holds them back. Just keep going and God will give you just enough light to test you and to keep you going. Elder Bednar has a couple of good Mormon messages about that called Patterns of Light.

Thanks so much for the email! I love you all, and I can't wait to talk in a couple of weeks on Mothers Day. Have a great week!

Love: Jaxon

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