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Monday, September 7, 2015


Dear Family,

Thank you for the prayers for A. this week. She passed her interview! It was awesome. Then she cancelled our appointment and didn't come to church on Sunday! HaHa. Soooooo.... she still wants to get baptized on Saturday. We will see what happens. I trust that the Lord will work everything out.

We had an awesome letter with Px. We took her on a church tour and it was really good. There was a scout activity while we were doing it, so while we were taking her around the different rooms, there were people everywhere. It was kind of stressful actually! Then we took her into the cultural hall where the baptismal font was. There was nobody in there and we felt the spirit as we taught her about baptism. We ended up putting her on-date for October 10th. It is not a super solid date, but hopefully it will help her progress. We took her into the chapel next and taught her about the sacrament and it was really good. The spirit was strong and we are looking forward to meeting with her this week.

We also put Kris on-date for October 10th. We just want to see if he will progress. So far it is not looking like it.

Have I mentioned A.B. before? She is a less-active member that has said she has wanted to come back to church forever, but she never comes. Well, this week, she randomly showed up to church! We haven't' talked to her for a month. There are some people that we just push and prod to come to church and they just won't come. Then here are some examples like this where they just show up! We had a really funny story during the sacrament. We sat next to her and her twin 8-month babies. Bad idea! Haha. We are  under strict commandment to stay completely away from children so we just pretty much sat there and wathed helplessly as she struggled with her babies. I was praying so hard that somebody could come to her assistance. Sure enough, an older woman that doesn't speak any English pretty much stole one of the babies away and took care of her for the rest of sacrament meeting. A.B. stayed for all three meetings and got a lot of help with her babies so I think it was a good experience for her.

As far as the hunting question, it is pretty much the same as Idaho. A lot of deer and elk. Some pheasants. I haven't met anybody that hunts duck and geese, but there have been so many geese flying over us in the morning and evening. I am thankful Austin isn't here because it would be quite a distraction!

We talked with I.'s dad this week. He is so supportive. He loves that we are meeting with him and that he is going to church. So now we can move on with him.

My faith is getting better! I have been telling people in the ward that there WILL be a baptism on Saturday I am starting to believe it more and more. My faith in people is going up to, so I am glad that I worked on it this week.

That is about it for the update this week. Thank you so much for the email! We found out what happens at transfers his week. We also have interviews with President Taylor so I will give you an update next week. I love you!


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