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Monday, July 20, 2015


Dear Family,

Thank you for the great letters.

We had such a great week this week. We had five investigators at church which was awesome. They were all able to feel of the spirit and have their testimonies strengthened. It was a tender mercy. Also, President Taylor called us Saturday morning and said that he had some inspiration that every companionship could find at least one new investigator on either Saturday or Sunday. Every companionship in the zone went out and did it! It was so awesome! Things are really looking good for the Gresham stake.

On a sadder note, the Portland East stake got dissolved last Sunday. They have been struggling for a long time. There were only five wards so three of them came to the Gresham stake and two of them went to the Portland stake. Satan won that little battle, but we are winning in other places. We also picked up two companionships in the zone.

So maybe I accidentally said that Elder Stevens was y companion, but that is not true, it is Elder Martin. I also found out why he was called to serve here. He has been in two of the three new wards in the stake so he knows a lot about them. He has been a big help to the stake so far.

Elder Martin and I are loving the Crown Point ward so far. They are so helpful and missionary minded and it has been fun. It is also a beautiful area.

So unfortunally Sha didn't get baptized. I am not really sure why. I don't have details but hopefully they come in the future and I can try to help her out. It was a bummer, but there is a reason for everything.

That is so awesome about all of the missionaries from the Tetonia 1st ward. We have a lot out right now. We are entering the mission field with full force. Now I just need somebody to get called to Vancouver!

Austin told me about his run-in with the bears! That is scary stuff. I'm glad everybody is okay. That is a good experience to write down and use later. It sounds like everybody's summer is going pretty well. I can't believe football season is already starting up. That means that school has basically started which means that Halloween is basically here which means that Christmas is basically here. Time is going by too fast! HaHa. Continue having an awesome summer.

So last night I studied a lot about prophets. We are so so blessed to have a prophet on the earth today who teaches us and inspires us. We are so blessed to have the restored gospel on the earth. Ephesians 1:10 says that everything will be gathered in and it will not be lost again. That is an awesome promise. Can you imagine trying to interpret the Bible on your own? No wonder we have so many different religions. The moral of the story is always listen to the prophet.

Thanks again for the great emails. I love you all and I hope you continue to become better disciples of Jesus Christ every day. I love the examples that you are setting. Have a great week.


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