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Monday, July 27, 2015


Dear Family,

Here is the update as far as investigators. Only one came to church! It was just a bad string of events to where only one made it out. Faithful L. was our only one so that was good for her. A. just has a lot going for her right now. She cancelled our appointment and then didn't come to church. We are worried about her, but there is only so much she can do. K. sometimes gets caught up in some custody issues so he makes it when he can and this week was just one of those weeks. We have no idea what happened to P. but we are meeting with her this Tuesday so we will figure it out. We still had a good week, though! We found some solid new people. We found one less-active named A. who really wants to return to the church so that is awesome. She couldn't make it this week (of course) but she wants to start coming. She has twin 7 month old babies so that doesn't help. She does want them blessed, though. We actually didn't have an exact address, but we knew what street she lived on so we went knocking. It was in the middle of nowhere, but we found her. God has a way of making it work.

Thanks for the awesome email! There were a lot of great updates in there. I would like to officially welcome Carson to the Eagle's Nest. Well done soldier! ;-)Tanner is going to Peru! Wow! That is going to be awesome. That is crazy that he leaves on Justin's birthday and Justin in on Tanner's birthday. He still has a few months to get ready so that will be awesome. Justin has about a week and a half left! I remember those feelings. They were not good feelings haha. I am so excited for our family. We are going to be blessed so much as we go out and serve. And the Beans are back in town! I will never forget the anticipation I would have every year walking up those steps t o Grandpa and Grandma's house to see the Beans. It seems like a tradition now to send off a missionary. That is a pretty good tradition so we should keep it up. austin? Hayden? Dallin? Are you reading this? :-)

I apologize because I do not have a lot of time. I just wanted to share something really quickly. These last four or five months I feel like I have worked and worked and not much has come as far as results that I can see. Then I thought of my senior year of basketball. The summer before, I worked and worked and worked so I could be the best I could be and help our team win. Unfortunately, the season did not go like we planned. I remember thinking the same thoughts. What is the point of working hard? There are some missionaries who work harder than everybody else and don't get any baptisms. There are some athletes who work harder than everybody else and don't make it to the pros. There are some parents who work harder than everybody else and have wayward sons and daughters. I keep turning to Joseph Hart's quote (that's his name, right???) sorry that I don't have it memorized (it's probably on mom's head;)) but the main idea is that reward for hard work is not what we get, but who we become. Peter and the rest of the apostles didn't have any success keeping the church going. Christ himself was the most rejected of all. We shouldn't worry about what we are getting or not getting. Those are all temporal things. We should be worried about who we are becoming, because that is going to matter in the eternities. Thanks again for the email! I love you all and I hope you have a great week.

Love Jaxon
Elder Reiley

Jaxon and Elder Martin sent from a person in Crown Point ward

Elder Martin and Jaxon finishing stake report

Zone? Lunch

ESPN E:60 October 2013 "Hayward's Heart" this is Hayward.

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