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Monday, June 22, 2015


Dear Family,

The news this week is that I am being transferred again. I am going back to Gresham, but I will be in a different ward. My new companion will be an Elder that I don't know very well so I am looking forward to getting to know him better. I will still be a zone leader there. Elder Martin has been out for about 18 months and will be a zone leader as well so I am excited about that. Also, neither of us has been in this ward before so that will be fun! The name of the ward is the Crown Point ward. It is really rare for zone leaders to get doubled in so I am excited for the growth that will happen. They chose me to go there because I have been there before so at least have a little familiarity. Also, Elder A, my former companion was called as the assistant. I am laughing inside because he always talked about how much he didn't want to bean assistant while I was his companion, but it will be good for him. I am really excited to go back over the river to Oregon. I loved being in Gresham before. I did learn a lot in Battle Ground, but Elder Brase and I never got really close to anybody. There are usually a few families that we get close to, but this ward was a little harder for me. Probably because it all got split up and we ended up in a new ward. I don't have any members or investigators to say good-bye to so that will make it easier to leave. Battle Ground has been the place I have been the longest. I also said good-bye to President Randall so that was good. Elder Brase is staying and getting Elder Pace, who is also from Kansas and is good friends with Chele Cain!

We missed Cole this week. WE are going over there tomorrow. His dad will be taught by some other missionaries because he lives out of our are. The Robinsons are active. Cole is good friends with their son. They are both 15. The son has been struggling a little with his testimony so it has been good for him to be part of the teaching process. It was good because he just randomly texted us the other day and asked us what part of the Book of Mormon we wanted him to read and he texted us after he read it which was awesome. The Robinsons used to live in the Cherry Park ward so we spent some time talking about that. They are doing well and I am excited to see where they will be in a few months.

I am so glad to hear about those farewells. Kolton and Josh will both do great. I am excited to see them when they get back and yes, please go ahead and forward these emails to whomever.

Wow! It sounds like you earned that eagle project! That sounds brutal. I am glad that you got it done. That has to be such a relief to dad! haha. I bet the high school will appreciate painted bleachers. Scouts is not big over here at all There is a scout troop and everything, but I don't think I know a single young man who has his eagle. Now Carson, you get to join the Eagle's Nest! Welcome, Brother! HaHa! I also included some good advice for Carson moving pipe in his letter. He asked if it would prepare him for a mission. It does prepare you for waking up early, but it also helps you learn to do something even when you really really really don't want to. That is a lot of what a mission is all about!

I did hear that the Cavs lost. I can't decide how I feel about it. I actually like the Warriors and hopefully they will hold off one more year so I can be there to watch them. Let me know what happens in the offseason.

I have been thinking about what Elder Cook said in his latest general conference address. He said that the church is as strong as it has ever been. Sometimes we worry about all of the people leaving the church and how that affects us. I reflected on my own testimony and why I have one. Sometimes we get too analytical and try to over analyze  every little thing and logically look at the gospel. Heavenly Father doesn't work like that. I know what this gospel has done for me personally. It has helped me become a better person and has prepared me for the future. Those are the things that I now and I firmly believe that those things are true because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we all look at our testimonies that way, everybody else in the world could leave the church, but we would stay strong because of how the gospel has changed us. Thanks again for the email! I love you all and hope everybody has a great week!

Love Jaxon

Here are a few pics from battle ground Washington and the Bennett's who Jaxon lived with there

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