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Monday, April 13, 2015


Dear Family,

Thanks for the updates on everything. I'll answer your questions. We are still living with the Bennetts. I love it so far. We do our laundry and they actually take care of our laundry soap so that is nice of them. I haven't dry cleaned suits yet, just pants, and ties. We share a kitchen with them, but we usually eat at different times. We do play basketball on P-days a lot. Elder Rankin played for Hillcrest and he knows Tyler pretty well. He loves basketball, so we play a lot. President Taylor said no service projects on P-day. He wants us to take full advantage of the time that we have.

This week was a little rougher as far as appointments and teaching goes. NOBODY came to church. It was spring break here so that had something to do with it. We usually will send a reminder text before church and we have been slipping away from that. Sometimes I feel like a parent reminding their kids to do their homework haha. The Gonzalez family cancelled on us again. My patience was definitely tested this week. Elder Brase and I had a super busy weekend. We had so many meetings to plan for. We have zone meeting and zone conference this week so we have been really busy which has been good. 

Sunday we did what we call stake reports. We just gather a bunch of different information for all of the missionaries in the zone and present it to the stake president and the high councilman over missionary work. It is a long process to get all of the information. Usually the first counselor in the first presidency is there, buy he was out of town so President Taylor came. It was a lot of pressure, but it was a good meeting. We have a lot to do. 

This week was a great week for the zone. We have more investigators and taught more lessons than we ever have before. Now we just need some baptisms! Haha. They will come with time. Like I said, patience seems to be the key principle for me to learn lately. I do feel like I have moved up from the Cleveland Browns status:)

Wow... that is a lot of missionaries out from our stake! That is so cool. to see everybody responding to the call and getting out and doing it. It is a huge commitment and I am happy to see so many people making the leap. that sounds like a pretty special stake conference and I am glad that everybody had some good takeaways from it. President Kunz is such a special, inspired man.

I am glad to hear that everybody is doing well in baseball. Baseball is still the greatest sport in the world! Thank you for the updates. I loved the Buhl tournament and I hope that you enjoyed it as well.

I am learning so much on my mission. I have a strong testimony that all of our trials are for our good. Heavenly Father doesn't want to see us in pain. He hates to see us sad or alone or angry or frustrated or contentious or any other negative feeling. He won't ever give us more than we can handle. As long as those trials shape us and change us, then we are becoming more like our Savior which is the entire purpose of this life. I know that his work is true and that Jesus Christ is at the head of this church. Through certain ordinances done by the power of the priesthood, we can return to live with Him and be with our families for the rest of eternity.

Thanks for the great email! I hope everybody has a great week. I love you all!

Love Jaxon

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