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Monday, April 6, 2015


Dear Family,

I loved conference! It was so good. I have a couple of questions.

1. Was there a point where Boyd K. Packer couldn't be understood?
2. Where was Richard G. Scott?
3. Why did President Monson give a short talk on Sunday morning only?
4. Are there always people opposed to the sustainings?
5. Am I the only person who thinks D. Todd Christopherson looks like Neil Kunz?

Anyway, here are a couple of my highlights. The whole overall theme seemed to be the importance of family. L. Tom Perry smashed it home with a great talk about the overall feel from the world about families. I loved Wilford Anderson's talk. There are so many times where I just teach the dance steps without explaining the reason why. That is probably why there are so many less-actives in out church. We read our scriptures, say our prayers, and go to church, but we don't ever really know why. After a while, it gets hard dancing without music. Elder Neilson's talk really struck home. "Elder Nielson came to our mission in February and trained us on the new iPads. He was really cool. He also grew up in the same ward as President Taylor in Burley, Idaho. I also loved President Eyring's talk in the Priesthood session. The principle of revelation through the priesthood is huge as a missionary.  We can't do anything without the Holy Ghost. President Uchtdorf's talk stood out to me in the Sunday morning session. His last few talks have all been about looking inside yourself and improving. We get asked a lot of questions about grace vs works so will use that in the future. I wish I would have taken more notes on President Monson. I hope that everybody took something out of it because it was really inspired.

This week was the best week that this zone has had in a long time. We have some awesome missionaries now. Elder Brase is awesome and we have gotten along great so far. The first week of the transfer has been pretty crazy, but we have some great things coming. 

Mike and I pulled a good one on Elder Brase. It was his first day here and we went over to teach Mike. He has this huge, scary German Shepard. I talked up Mike like he was some drunkard that hated our guts and we had to go over when he wasn't there and that he sicked his dog on Elder Aguirre and it turned into this whole legal issue. HaHa. So we went to the door and Mike was the biggest jerk ever and we kept pushing and pushing to let us in and finally he was like, "that's it!" And he went to get the dog. I just took off running and Elder Brase was right behind me. haha. He was pretty scared and we had a good laugh over it. Anyway, Mike came to the Priesthood session! He said that he loved it. I even looked over all the time to make sure that he wasn't falling asleep and he was attentive the whole time! What was awesome, was that we didn't even coordinate it. Some members of the ward just took it on themselves and invited him and then had dinner afterward. They remind me of Brody Birch and company. They are so funny and I am just rolling when I am around them. They have the coolest personalities and Mike really enjoys being around them. Brother Traynor is one of them and he lived at the outdoor center out in Badger Creek for a summer so we have a good connection. We pushed his date back to May 9th.

We were not able to meet with the Gonzalez family. They left a note for us that said that a meeting came up. We left our number on the door and prayed hat we would be able to reschedule. Sure enough, they called us back. It was like on the Best Two Years when they started singing the hallelujah chorus when he actually called back. Haha. That movie makes so much more sense now!

Hey, I won't be too far from Justin Coburn! That is cool that Justin and Tanner are both getting ready to go. I just talked to one elder that said that he left on his mission 7 weeks after he put his papers in. That is pretty rare, but hopefully Justin gets to see Jourdon before he goes.

You asked about how my study of the four gospels went. It was amazing. I woke up early Sunday morning and started reading the account in John. I wonder what my reaction would have been if I would have seen the empty tomb. I wonder how much comprehension the people had at that time. I was thinking about all the people that I have talked to on my mission. All of the jerks, the super nice people, the weird people, the confused people, those who were searching, those who were sincerely concerned for our souls. Every single one of them will be resurrected because of Jesus Christ. I learned so much about Jesus Christ. Now I am going to start studying the Book of Mormon. 

The letters are great! I love hearing updates from home and how everybody is doing. The missionary experiences are great too. You never know how much your efforts will touch somebody. I am glad that everybody is doing great. Le me know if there is anything that I can do for you. I love you. Have an awesome week.


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