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Monday, December 8, 2014


Dear Family,

Bishop Robson is sneaky. Elder Ewell just told me that I have a surprise phone call and it didn't sit well with me but then I saw it was an Idaho number and then I recognized his voice and it was all good. We got to talk a lot about what was going on at home and things happening here in the mission. I didn't know Kody has his papers in. That is so awesome! We are soon going to have four missionaries out from the Tetonia 1st ward. I thought it was going to be hard to say good-bye, but it wasn't too bad. It was a great surprise to see him. I am still waiting for the day when I randomly run into somebody from home. I still think it is going to happen! I am glad that you got the books and things. Bishop saved me some postage. I forgot the carmel wrappers. The person in line ahead of me was taking forever so I grabbed a handful and bought some. I couldn't help but eat them!

The Christmas party was so much fun. We went to the temple then to Deseret Book and then to the Vancouver stake center. We had a feast there. There were over 200 missionaries there and we all ate great. Everybody that was helping there had kids on missions, so that was cool. I am glad that you were able to watch some of it on Facebook. Just know that I am well taken care of. Three families have already offered for  us to spend part of Christmas Eve/Day with them. I love President Taylor. He even admitted how homesick he was during this time of year. Then he turned it around and said that Christmas on your mission is even more special. We had a slideshow after dinner of just a bunch of pictures that missionaries sent in. It made me think of graduation slide show and then I realized that the missionaries in this mission equal about half of Teton High School. It was weird actually. After the slide show was kind of sad. I watched Elder Kelly go around and say good-bye to some of his favorite missionaries, knowing that he wasn't going to see them for a really long time. I thought of where I would be a year from now and saying good-bye to everybody. It kind of made me sad to think about.

Basketball sounds like it will be good. Good luck with all of that. I wish the best for them. Districts will be fun. I am glad that the girls are doing well. How is wrestling doing? How is Rich Berry? Thanks for all the updates.

You asked how I am developing a Christlike love for everybody. I just tell them I love them. It is pretty weird, but it is something have to work at. So just like every ward, there are those people that carry the load and the rest are a little flaky. So we have been relying on the warhorses in assisting us in our work. Apparently some members have been complaining that we call them too much. Sorry for doing our job! Then ward council is always a disaster. We talk about planning for future events and a bunch of stuff that doesn't relate to missionary work. Then it's always like, "well we have to wrap up so let's turn some time over to the missionaries." Elder Kelly is so fiery and so passionate and bold that I thought he would tear some people to pieces, but he surprised me. He didn't even talk about any investigators, he just told everybody there how much he loved them. Then he said that he would hope it was a privilege to go out with us and assist us in our work. That is Christlike love. Then we found out that somebody called the zone leaders and told them to tell us to lay off a little bit. We found out who called them and we are making them brownies today. It is really hard sometimes when people call you out for doing your job,but we just have to ask ourselves what Jesus Christ would do, and then it becomes pretty simple.

So Elder Kelly and Elder Ewell had a crazy experience this week. So crazy that I can't tell you over e-mail. Remind me to tell you when I get home. It is really sacred and they have only told a few people here. Let's just say that Jesus Christ is a real being. I have never been so sure of that. I know I kind of left you hanging, but I will have to tell you later.

Thanks for all the prayers for Julia. Her baptism was a great success. She asked us three or four times when she can be sealed to her family. We told her a year and she wants to get sealed on her birthday next year. She is pretty golden right now, but we will see what happens. It all depends on which way her husband goes. He has expressed a lot of interest in returning to activity. He is a great guy and he would be an awesome addition to the ward. His support will be the x-factor, so thank you for all of your prayers.

My companion is doing better. It is tough because I have no idea what he is going through or how to help him. I'm glad I didn't have a girlfriend. He still has his ups and downs, but he is getting better. Thanks for all of your prayers and love for him. 

I don't have anything specific that I need for Christmas. Maybe some missionary reference books or something. Thanks.

Well I have to go now. Thank you for the email; I love hearing from you each week. I can't wait to Skype for Christmas! Have an awesome week! 

Love, Jaxon

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