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Monday, December 1, 2014


Dear Family,
Thank you for the emails and pictures. It looks like everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I guess I will tell you how awesome my Thanksgiving was!

So the first thing we did was tracted! HaHa. Some people were mad, but most were chill. We just asked people what they were thankful for. There were still some people who wouldn't listen, but we had a couple of good lessons. Then we went to Cristal's house at 2:00 for dinner. I have no idea where she got all of her food because she barely has enough to feed herself, but she made a feast. She fed four missionaries, her two sons, her brother, her nephew, and her daughter. We had a great time and we enjoyed each other's company. You can imagine a Thanksgiving with a bunch of young black guys. HaHa. Definitely different, but it was awesome.They were so funny and we just laughed our heads off the whole time. Cristal was talking about her Thanksgiving traditions and Bobby told us stories. So all of the food was on this table so everybody ate in the living room except for Big Tony. He just plopped right down at the table and started eating everything from there. He didn't even fix a plate. He ate for like 45 minutes and when he was finally done, he said, "Big Tony is leaving the table!" HaHa. My biggest regret is that I didn't get a picture with everyone there. I guess I will just have to remember it in my head. Shortly afterward, we had another Thanksgiving dinner. This one was quite different. This was with Sister Logerstedt. She married a Vietnamese man who is less-active now. His mom just died so he and a lot of family visiting from Vietnam. So there were nine of us and I think five of us knew English. This dinner was different, but the Spirit was still there. None of them are members, so the spiritual thought was interesting. We just had everybody say what they were thankful for with Brother Logerstedt translating. Then we showed the first vision on video. It was a great Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for all of the people here who made it great.

Here is the update on our investigators. Julia passed her interview! She is on for December 6th. She came to church yesterday as did her husband! She is all in. Her daughter is doing much better. Junior basically told us that he is going to wait until he doesn't have to work nights anymore and then he will get back to us. He is still reading from the Book of Mormon and looking into it. Bobby came to church again, but we still have to refer him over to the missionaries in Portland. I swear he is going to be a bishop someday. We had a good talk at Thanksgiving and he just knows that this is right. R. Craft messaged me on Faceboook and told me to tell you thanks for the the letter. I think that she has been doing some serious thinking about the church. Hopefully she continues to pray about it. So we finally split up the area geographically. We have been knocking on doors that the other Elders had just knocked on. We actually didn't change that much. The other elders will be teaching Josh now.

My companion is still struggling. His girl is a little brat, actually. She wants him to email her more than his family and to write her a letter every week on top of an email. He basically just told her that he can't and I guess she kind of freaked out. I was amused, but now I feel really bad for Him. Elder Kelly is so ticked. HaHa. He wants to write her and tear her up! The sooner it ends, the better.

I can't believe that basketball has started already. Be sure to keep me posted on the ups nad downs. Did they ever find a c-team coach? I'm not sure which Bonneville kid you are talking about. All of the ones I remember already graduated. That dunk sounds pretty sweet though. Nice job on getting the Christmas stuff out. It sure is Christmas time here in Gresham. All of the stores are decorated and ready to go. There were people camped out with their tents outside of Best Buy on Wednesday waiting for the Black Friday sale. Crazy stuff. Any Black Friday shopping for you guys? I doubt it! haha.

Nice job on the Christlike attributes. The best thing to do is just to ask Heavenly Father to help you. The one that I chose is actually charity and love. In fact, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about it. It more like a testimony. The second counselor asked us Saturday night to prepare a short talk about how love relates to missionary work. I basically talked about how the more love you have for people the better missionary you will be.  Love leads to care, care leads to concern, concern leads to help, and help leads to Jesus Christ. I kept it short ans sweet. Sister H. McGil talked after us. She just got back from a mission in South Korea. It was weird watching her walk around and talk to everybody before and after the meeting. I couldn't help thinking of me going around and talking to everybody in the Tetonia 1st ward right after I get back. It was weird actually. Anyway, she did a great job on her talk. She said some really good things. Here are some quotes that I wrote down from her talk: "love God before you love people"; "disobedience is thinking you know more than God."; "forget yourself and you won't feel lonely";"people are motivated to change when they feel love.". I really like the McGil family; they are great missionaries.

Just a side note, we are having our Christmas program tomorrow evening. I am not sure what time. Fred is filming and I am not sure if you can watch it live or afterward, just wanted to give you a heads up. I got my coat on Monday. Tell Renae thanks for sending it. It is a good thing because it got really cold here. I think that is it for this week! Thank you for your missionary efforts at home. By praying and loving me, you are helping me to be an instrument in the Lord's hand. Have an awesome week! 

I love you,
Elder Reiley

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