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Monday, November 17, 2014


Dear Family,
First of all, I think the mail is messed up here. Everybody here has been waiting on a package for awhile. Have you sent the one with the coat yet? We haven't received any mail for the last week, so hopefully we can figure this out.

Thanks for the exercises, the only problem with burpees is that we live on the 3rd floor. I have been doing them and we haven't gotten any complaints yet, so I think I'm good. I will keep trying out new workouts, but any help from home would be great. 

I will ask Brother Howard (Jim Lasson's cousin) about his two front teeth. Speaking of connections. I have talked to so many people from Idaho Falls. Probably 15-20 people from either Idaho Falls or Rexburg. It is a great conversation starter.

That is crazy about the new bishopric. Bishop Robson and company had a pretty huge impact. I will for sure send them a note or something. They had a good run. Do you remember when they first got called? I was in the eighth grade! That is crazy! This bishopric will be great, I am super excited for them. I know they are all inspired men. Good updates on all of that. It is so classic Tetonia, I love it. It is weird to think that I will be coming home to them as a bishopric.

So this week was super weird. We started out on fire. I have never had a day like we did on Tuesday. This guy named Josh actually called us and wanted us to come over. That never happens. We taught eight lessons! It was awesome. Then the rest of the week was garbage. Ha Ha. We had nine appointments set up for Saturday and Sunday and eight of them fell through. Tough stuff. 

Julia is kind of flaky. There was a baptism on Saturday that she really wanted to go to and it was a no-show.Then she didn't come to church and she cancelled our lesson for Sunday. She actually cancelled our appointment for Thursday, too, but we just showed up anyway and taught her.

So you asked who Elder Kelly is. There are four missionaries serving here in the Blue Lake Ward and he is one of them. He is the convert from South Carolina and he is the district leader. He said that whenever somebody would cancel, he would just show up anyway, so we tried it several times this week. We actually had a pretty cool experience with that. We stopped by this part-member family last week and set up an appointment to come back Saturday. I got a message from her on Facebook that her husband did not want us to come over. We were planning on bringing a member out, so we just went over there anyway. He was really sour when we first showed up, but he warmed up to us eventually. It turns out that he is related to the member we brought out and they hadn't each other for years. We are going back in a couple of weeks.

Junior is still money. We just stopped by there Sunday night and he didn't answer. This was after we hadn't been in contact with him all week. We were pretty discouraged, but we decided to knock on a few doors around there. Next think we know Junior is coming out. He said that he wasn't expecting anybody so he didn't answer, but then he heard more knocking and he figured it was us! Ha ha. He has read from the Book of Mormon at work and he loves it! It was pretty cool.

Our other investigators are doing good. Steven was one of the many appointments that fell through. We will catch him this week.

 Ava's mom and boyfriend were at church yesterday so that was cool.

 Remember that recent convert whose son was shot? She has been bringing her brother and nephew to church with her. We had a pretty cool experience with that. So on Tuesday, we were planning on bringing a member to her lesson at 4. A few hours prior, the member cancelled on us. Shortly afterward, Josh called us and wanted us to come over. Josh is in his late 20's and living with his dad who is active. Josh was excommunicated a long time ago and he is just starting to make his way back. He has avoided missionaries like the plague, though. So it was weird that he called us and wanted us to come over. We taught him a good lesson and then it was off to our lesson with this recent convert (her name is Cristal). We asked Josh's dad, Cecil, if he wanted to come with us since the other member cancelled. He came with us and we ended up teaching Cristal's brother who is trying to quit an alcohol addiction. It turns out that Cecil goes to the addiction Recovery Program with Josh every Wednesday and he invited Cristal's brother (Bobby). He ended up going and he loved it! It was sweet.

I'm sad that Mr. Ross is done coaching baseball. I wonder if Balben will leave too. It's either that or he has been waiting all those years to take over! Let me know how that turns out. Has girls basketball started? Keep me posted on them.

The weather here got really cold all of a sudden. I will send some pictures, but it snowed and everything. The wind was just blowing nonstop so it made everything really icy. It was weird, but it made Elder Kelly really sick. He totally lost his voice so he had to stay in for a couple of days. So far I have just had a stuffy nose thing, but nothing too bad.

We had our zone conference this week. Elder Snow from the quorum of the seventy came. It was really good and he had some good insights. Most importantly, the spirit was so strong. He just talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and the roles that he plays and how it is like a process. We feel its comfort, then it testifies to us, then we can receive revelation from it. The more that we learn how to recognize the Holy Ghost, the more we will be able to be an instrument in His hands.

Thanks so much for your emails. It is my favorite part of Monday! I hope that things continue to go well for you as you exercise faith and keep the commandments. I love you all very much. 

Elder Reiley

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