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Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Family,

Thank you for your email. I always enjoy reading them each Monday. It is great to hear what is going on back home. If there is anything I can do to help with anything then let me know.

So I will start off with some big news. On July first, the Washington Yakima Mission will be formed. There will probably be about 50 missionaries from this mission that go over there. I really would prefer not to go. I have grown to love President Taylor and the rest of the mission here. However, I told President Taylor that I would be willing to go and if he feels like I need to be there then I am all in. It might be hard, but whatever happens happens and it will all work out. I guess we will find out who is going within the next few weeks. 

So one of the Elders that I work with has had a rough week. So he came from a tough background and a broken family. It was a Mormon family that took him in and that is how he ended up getting baptized. Well he found out on Wednesday that his Mormon mom left the church. He is crushed so any prayers to help him out would be awesome.I kept thinking about how much he is praying for that family. He is praying extra hard that missionaries will find them and bring them back. Then I thought that somebody else, somewhere, is praying that the missionaries in Gresham, Oregon will find a family member or friend that needs the gospel. It has motivated me to work extra hard this week. My challenge to you is to think of a friend or family member and pray your hearts out that the missionaries will be led to find them. Then, when missionaries seek for inspiration on where to go throughout the day, they will be lead to them. It will take a lot of faith because we might never know what the result is, but I know that as you do this, miracles will happen.

I have been thinking a lot about faith and how it works. It is such a deeper principle then what we first think it is. We actually met a guy on the street that gave a great explanation of what faith is. He said, "Faith is believing without evidence. Faith is trusting without reservation." This week, we have been making some sacrifices. We are ending our P-day an hour early and we are fasting That is faith. Neither companionship has an investigator on date for baptism and we put our trust that these sacrifices will help make that happen. 

This week was the less-active week. It was cool. There were four less-actives that came to church. We even just ran into one on the street. She is from Bonners Ferry, Idaho and she just moved here. She just got divorced after 34 years of marriage and she has been inactive forever. She never even told us she was a member until we had talked with her for 10 minutes. She was at church on Sunday and she was taking notes and everything.l We are meeting with her this Wednesday.

thanks for the package! I was scared to open it before Christmas, so I'm glad that everything was wrapped! I am sending some more Christmas stuff and Austin's birthday stuff either today or next week. Hopefully it will get there in time, especially with the mail being so crazy. We are planning on being at the Palomos for Christmas so we will Skype from there. It will be awesome! I am praying that there will be no technical difficulties. We will figure out more of the details next Monday.

So Steven moved today. We gave him a blessing to help him with his mental illness and that he will be able to stop smoking and continue going to church. We are still holding off on Junior. He is working nights and is super stressed. We found a sweet family on Tuesday.  Then we went back on Saturday and one of the kids answered and said that the parents were asleep. I wanted to tell him to WAKE THEM UP!! THIS IS IMPORTANT! It's only their eternal salvation we are talking about! It is frustrating and I hope that we are able to meet with them again, but it isn't looking good. Hopefully we will find a golden one this week. 

Basketball sounds familiar. I hope either we or South Fremont can at least do some good and take down Sugar and Shelley.I'm glad that Austin's doing well. Just work hard, Austin and give it your best and that is all anybody can ask for.That is so cool about Kody Hill going to Jackson, Mississippi. Tyler didn't wait too long. It seems like he just got home,but I guess it has been a few months. That is what is encouraged, so good for him!

Thank you for your email. We are so blessed to have the technology to do this. Thank you for your example that you have set at home. Keep it up. I love you all and wish you the best this holiday season.

Love: Elder Reiley

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