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Monday, September 29, 2014


Dear Family,

FIRE!!!! Wow that is so crazy!  I am glad that everyone is okay.  You showed me the pictures and I was like, "Whose house is that?"  and then I realized that it was our garage!  That could have turned out really bad; at least a lot worse than it did.  The Lord really does work in mysterious ways.  Maybe a fire extinguisher next time?  Ha ha.  Bishop and Gary (and the Richins and the rest of Felt) would've been right behind the fire truck if it would have come screaming down the Felt Lane.  Anyway, I am glad that everything worked out and that Austin and Carson slept through the whole thing!

Football season sounds like it is going good.  Varsity sounds like they are struggling.  I hope they can start doing better.  So how is Brian Ashton doing?  I am sure that he is doing fine.  Remember that book that he said he wanted to give me?  Has he said anything about it?  Is it weird that I still remember that?

So we are getting really busy.  Our days are pretty much full for the week and then we just found out that we are also in charge of the Prune Hill ward because the sisters that were there got emergency transferred.  We met with the ward mission leader, Brother Childers (who was roommates with Barry Johnson) and we were basically like we don't have enough time to do both so we will do what we can for these next two weeks.  He asked when we can have lunch and we seriously had lunch appointments every day this week except Friday.  So hopefully we can balance out the wards where everybody can get an equal share of the missionaries!  I also found out that the zone leaders are moving to the Fern Prairie ward at the end of the transfer which means that I am getting transferred again!  I will find out where I am going a week from Friday.

So last week we moved from the Gurney's to these other members.  One thing about a mission is that you learn how do deal with all kinds of people.  The other members were really rich and they have a sweet house.  They really like a clean house, which there is nothing wrong with that, but they go to the extreme.  We can't walk on the kitchen floor in our bare feet because of the oil in our feet (???) and we have to squeegee the shower tile after we shower (???).  We also can't be home between 1 and 5 because it is their dog's nap time.  Like I said, we are just learning how to deal with certain people.  They are really nice and kind and it takes a pretty big commitment to house the missionaries, so I can't really complain.

So I received a testimony of revelation on the move.  We had just finished with a lesson and we had an hour before dinner.  We sat there and tried to figure out who to visit, but couldn't think of anybody.  We started driving a few miles down the road and I thought we should visit a lady named Patty.  A missionary that served here before said that she was ready to get baptized about a year ago and her husband put the squash on it.  We tried back there several times to no avail, but we stopped there this time and she was there.  She said that she was ready to go through with it this time and she was going to tell her husband to shove it.  Ha ha.  We are planning on setting a baptismal date tomorrow.

So we had the primary program yesterday.  It was so good.  We invited over 25 people and a family that lives next to the bishop came.  The spirit was so strong.  There were also some golden ones that made me laugh as well.  We invited the Uncle Alan impostor but he wasn't there.  We hve not been back to see Barry; maybe we will watch conference with him.

I went through the Portland temple on Wednesday.  It is such a cool temple.  The spirit was so strong and it is a beautiful temple.  It is surrounded by trees (just like everything else here) and the color of it is so cool .  I will go again at Christmas.

So Sunday night was pretty cool.  We took our ward mission leader, Brother Forsyth, to a lesson that we had set up and when we showed up, the people weren't home.  That was the third time that happened this week, where we had a lesson set up and we brought a member with us and nobody was home.  So it was 7:30 and we didn't know what to do so Brother Forsyth said that we worked hard all week and we were just going to chill.  It is hard to show up unexpected to somebody's house at 7:30 on a Sunday night, so we just went to a big port on the Columbia River and just relaxed for a while.  Brother Forsyth told us missionary stories from his mission and he told me all about Jeter's last at-bat at Yankee's stadium.  We just watched all the boats come in.  It was pretty cool and I will send some pictures later.

Thank you for the package and the other pictures that you sent.  The cinnamon bears didn't last long.  I always seem to think of things that I need, but once I actually write my e-mail, I can't think of anything!  I will let you know if I need anything.  Thanks for all that you do and for your prayers and fasting and love.  You certainly affect the work here in the area.  Keep it up and endure to the end.

Elder Reiley

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