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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Dear Family,

Thanks for your letters.  I always enjoy reading them on Monday mornings.  It is nice to hear that everything is still buys and crazy at home.  I hope Austin starts to feel better.  It is too bad that he was sick during General Conference and didn't get to miss out on church! :-)  I'm glad Matt is always willing to get his nieces and nephews back to good health.

I am glad that the Browns won!  Maybe that will be a spart for a successful season (yeah right).  It is too bad that the Indians didn't make it.  At least there is hope for the Cavaliers this season.  When does the NBA start?  Carson told me all about his game.  It sounded pretty intense.  I'm so bummed that the varsity isn't doing well.  What is their record now?  I actually thought that they would be pretty successful this year in football.  How is the soccer, volleyball and cross country doing?

So I am getting transferred on October 15th/  Still not sure where or with whom.  I will find out for sure on Friday.  It is hard to move so many times.  I have moved from home to the MTC, and then to Portland, then to the Gurney's and then to the Selvigs and now I am going someplace else.  All in three months!  Ha ha!  It is good for me and I am expecting to stay in this next area for a while.  Also, Elder Jensen from Matt and Renae's ward is coming out this transfer.  I will try to keep an eye out for him and see where he goes.

I sent some false information in my last e-mail.  Brother Childers was not Barry's roommate.  brother Childer's wife Robyn, has a brother that married Barry's wife Lori.  Her brother passed away and so then she married Barry.  So there is the connection.  He said he also knows some of the Durtchis.  We had lunch with him and he basically said that there is not much work gong in Prune Hill and to focus our efforts on Fern Prairie.  It was kind of weird, but it makes sense since we will only be there for a couple of weeks. I was actually thinking that is where I could easily end up next transfer.

So because some missionaries got emergency transferred, the onlly missionaries in our district is us and the zone leaders.  We are covering two wards.  We decided that we were going to have 10 people on date to be baptized at one time.  So we put two more people to get baptized this week.  Patty is getting baptized on November 8th.  She is pretty golden and she said she is basically telling her husband that she is going to do her own thing.  We also put a 10 year old boy named Jeremy on date last night for November 15.  His mom is recently being reactivated and his 11 year old sister got baptized in June.  He was planning on being baptized, but then he didn't think he was ready.  He is really smart and wants to know that this is the right thing.  I think he is ready now and will follow through with it this time.  So we now have three people in this ward and one in the Prune Hill ward planning on getting baptized.  Nick is still planning on being baptized this Saturday.  We watched the Sunday morning session with him.  He almost stayed awake for the whole thing! :-)  Ilse is still on the list, but we haven't been able meet with her to so we will have to move that date.

We were planning on watching a session with the Crafts.  They bailed on us on Saturday night, but they still watched the prophet speak.  They are pretty bummed that we are both getting transferred.  Hopefully the new missionaries will keep working with them.

Here are my favorite talks from conference:

Saturday morning: Lynn G. Robbins.  I liked how he talked about not worrying about man can do.  Serve God first and don't really worry about trying to please other people.  a reputation is still important, but that shouldn't take precedence over serving God.  Sometimes we worry too much about what other people think of us and our religion but we just have to have faith in Him and everything else will fall into place.  

Saturday afternoon: There were so many good talks this session.  Two of them really stood out to me.  I love how Dallin H. Oaks just confronts the issues that are happening now.  He is not afraid to say what he believes.  He said to be firm in your faith and defend it until you die, but also be kind and loving and Christlike to those who are not of our faith.  I also really like Neil L. Anderson's talk.  Some people get hung up on the smallest little issues. I think some crazy stuff is going to come out about Joseph Smith.  I like how he said you don't throw away your testimony and the happiness and the joy the gospel bring for something that you are not sure about.  That was a cool story about the Time Magazine article too.  It is soooo important to gain a rock solid testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon because Satan is working so hard on all of us.

Priesthood session: Dierter F. Uchdorf.  This was probably my favorite talk of the whole weekend.  Don't assume that you are a good person and that you are where you need to be.  Conduct a self-evaluation.  This applies so much to sports as well.  There were so many times where I just assumed that I was doing fine and doing my job and all that I could to help the team and then started judging others and looking at their weaknesses.  It was kind of funny, when I first heard this talk, I was like, "I wish so and so could hear this talk and it's too bad this person isn't listening because they could really benefit from what he is saying!"   That was the whole point of his talk!  I hope that I will be better at that and work at recognizing my own weaknesses and improve on those before I look at others. 

Sunday morning: Henry B. Eyring.  He is such a good speaker.  I liked the mention of the Teton Dam.  We need to get a confirming, individual revelation for ourselves.  Nobody else can do it for us.  The prophet can get general revelation for all of us, be we need to figure out what we are doing with our personal lives and that is through receiving revelation for ourselves.

Sunday afternoon: I really liked M. Russell Ballard's talk.  Sometimes it is nice having a checklist as to what to do.  Stay in the boat, always wear a life jacket, and hold on with both hands.  We also have to find those who have left the boat.  If ever we get out of the boat, get right back on.  If we ever take our life jacket off, put it right back on.  If we ever let go, grab hold as quickly as possible with both hands.  The current is pretty strong these days so it is easy to find yourself lost.  Just remember that Jesus is steering the boat and he will lead us safely to the harbor.

Thanks for all your prayers and love and support.  I know that they help me each day.  Just remember that the church is so true.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Bother Forsyth was basically saying how ridiulous it would be if Joseph smith made up the whole thing.  He was like, "Let's have a prophet named Jacob quote this prophet named Zenos who nobody has ever heard of before.  Then let's come up with this allegory of a vineyard and some olive trees that is symbolic for the history of the world!  Then let's go get murdered in Carthage jail and leave our wives without a husband and our children without a father all in the name of forming a religion that we made up."  Come on.  This has to be the true church of Jesus Christ or it wouldn't still be here.

I look forward to hearing from you next week!  I actually remembered some things that I need.  Maybe some waterproof spray for my shoes?  It's supposed to be nice this week and then the rain will start to come down.  Also it might be time to send that black coat.  It is hot during the day, but it is starting to get chilly at nights.  I think that is it for now!  Thank you and I love you!

Love Jaxon

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