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Monday, September 22, 2014


Dear Family:

This week was not as weird as last week.  We will go back to Barry's and hope that his wife is bed-ridden, just kidding.  I was thinking that maybe he isn't ready for the gospel, so his wife is just delaying for the time when he is ready.  Then she will be struck down!  haha.  We had some really spiritual lessons with Heidi (the one that didn't talk very much last time), She is opening up to us and asking really good querstions.  We try not to dive into her personal life, just go though the lessons and try to start a conversation.  She is doing much better and it was cool to see the transformation in her.  As far as the dog guy goes, we referred them to different missionaries.  haha.  They live in different ward boundaries, so we don't have to deal with that weirdness.

The Crafts are in Disneyland this week.  It is a bummer because we were going to invite them to the primary program on Sunday.  I think that they would have enjoyed it.  We will for sure to get them another time.  They said that they would read the Book of Mormon on their trip.  I might actually have you write to the mom sometime.  She is just blown away that we leave our families for two years and we can only talk to them twice a year.  I think it would be cool if you could just say something about how it is hard, but it is worth it kind of a thing.  Then of course share your testimony.  I will give you and address that you could send it to and I will let you know when to do it.  I think it would be pretty cool.

We have picked up some new investigators.  Remember Nick?  They have finally moved in. He is the author of all the archery books.  He is such a cool guy.  He gave us the rundown on why he thinks the Book of Mormon is true from an archer's perspetive and he is going to write an article for the Ensighn soon.  He is also big into coins.  He was on the committee that decided what would be on the Hawaii quarter.  Elder Kunz has taught him before and he says that they both believe it is true, but they just won't commit.  I am guessing a Word of Wisdom issue or something like that.  He actually served as a scout master for a ward a few years ago!  Hopefully we will be able to help them.

So President Taylor came out with an e-mail that said we want 400 new investigators as a mission the last 10 days of September.  Yesterday was the day of prayer to help us obtain that goal.  Next Fast Sunday, everybody will fast for missionary work.  It seems like everybody starts being really good missionaries then we flake out by the end of the year.  We want to end the year on a good note to transititon into 2015.  So we will send in the name of each investigtor to the mission office and they will keep track of all of them and see how many get baptized.  We already have four people lined up for lessons next week that would make them new investigators, so be sure to pray specifically for that.

Sorry, I must have forgotten to explain the Felt pictures.  The books were from Nick Grable's grandma, Rowena Lauritzen.  She is the one who grew up in Newdale and her dad sold their farm in Felt to Horace Robson.  She loves Felt and I think that she spends quite a bit of time there.  Remember the Felt Centennial celebration a few year ago?  That is where she got these books.  Jerelyn submitted most of that information. You can also ask Noelle Hansen about them.  It was a really cool experience.

I have met a few people here that know the Treasures.  Ask them if they know the McDonald's.  He just moved into our ward a few months ago.  It was funny, I told him I was from Driggs and he said that he knew about Driggs.  I asked him how he knew and he said that Taysom Hill, BYU's quarterback was from Driggs.  haha.  I was like, um...I am pretty sure that he is from Pocatello.  Then he kind of felt dumb so I think he took a leap of faith to redeem himself and he said that he knew Wade and Trudy Treasure from Driggs.  I was like, there you go, that is the right Driggs.  I have not noticed the broccoli smell yet.  I'm sure that I will when the rainy season comes.  It has actually been an  unusually dry September.  It is supposed to be rainy for the rest of the month, though (and probably for the next 8 months).

I was glad that homecoming week went okay.  What is Jake Hoggan doing with his life?  ISU?  Tire shop?  It was Camus's homecoming as well.  We do our weekly planning session on Friday's and we usually do it outside and we heard the band playing the whole time.  Homecoming last year really does seem like a lifetime ago.  Do you realize that three months ago I was mowing lawns for Huntsman's Springs?  That seems forever ago.

Thanks for the sports updates.  It will probably be another typical Browns hyear again, just good enough to lose a lot of close games.  Hopefully they an turn it around! Thanks for the package.  I actually just got it so I haven't opened it yet.  We are actually moving from the Gurneys to the Selvigs today.  Hopeuflly it won't be too big of a transistion.  They have housed missionaries before, so I think we should get along fine.  Also, I sent a letter to President Kunz with our address on it.  That would be awesome if you could get that to him.

So I read King Benjamin's speech the last two days.  What an inspired man.  We really are all beggars.  Nobody is better than anybody else.  It really seemed to bug him when people wouldn't give to the poor.  EVERYTHING that we have comes from God.  He said that those who refrain from giving to the poor will perish right along with their earthly possessoins.  Scary stuff.  Then he lightened the mood by talkikng about our Savior Jesus Christ.  What an incredible gift!  I am so glad that Jesus was willing to pay for my sins.  The cup was so bitter that even Jesus Christ asked Heavenly Father if there was any other way.  I wish that I could hear the Savior groan every time I made a mistake.  I know that I would make fewer mistakes.  Jesus Christ should be the center of our lives.  We are eternally indebted to Him.

Thanks for the letters and everything else you do for me.  I really appreciate your prayers and love and support.

Love, Elder Reiley

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