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Friday, August 8, 2014


Dear Family,

Sister Hutchinson sure loves to feed the missionaries. She is on top of the world when she gets to feed us and she gets pretty excited. That's cool that she e-mailed you about it. I guess they were really good friends with Wade and Trudy Treasure so there's another connection.

I did not receive any packages or letters yet. I am sure they will come soon. I always look forward to mail time! (Blue Clues?) There is still a good chance that we will move into a member's house or a different apartment soon, but we have no idea when. 

The fishing sounds fun. I have met a few fishermen here but the ward doesn't fish quite as much as Tetonia 1st ward but there are a few people who love to tell their fish stories. I think they have to travel pretty far to fish because there isn't a lot of rural country where I am.

I'm glad Grandma Hart is feeling better. I will be sure to pray for her. i'm glad that there were worthy priesthood holders to give her a blessing and help her get better.

We have an investigator who is solid, but is going through a rough time right now. His name is Mike and his wife just got baptized. He just quit his job because they weren't treating him fairly and he had the faith that God would help him provide for this family with another job. He got three job offers within the next week and chose the best one. On his first day, he fell and strained his knee to where he wasn't a le to work anymore. We were practically on our knees begging for him to let us give him a blessing, but he was hesitant. We were ready to do it, but he said he didn't think it was necessary. we grudgingly left, but hes knee is doing a little better. 

My schedule is pretty much the same. Wake up at 6:30, work out (push-us, sit-ups wall-sits etc.) shower, breakfast, personal study for an hour (I read conference talks, study one or two principles from Preach My Gospel, and read from the Book of Mormon), then companion study for an hour (read from the handbook, memorize scriptures/commission, go over what we want to teach our investigators), 1-week program for an hour (just a program for the first 12 weeks of the mission), lunch, proselyte (knock on doors, find people, teach lessons, service), dinner, proselyte (usually we teach most of our lessons during this time), plan for the next day, write in journal, bed. We also have meetings, and other variables to change our day a little bit. Today we get to go to the stake center and play basketball. Elder Hudson is a good basketball player so that will be fun. 

We had a sweet referral this week. Her name is Kristina and she just got out of jail. She came to church on Sunday (we had 4 investigators at church) and she even bore her testimony! It was an awesome testimony about her love of the Savior and I leaned over to Elder Hudson and whispered, "so when did she get out of jail?" and he replied, "Friday." She has already read the Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Book of Mormon, and over half of the Bible. She is about as golden as they come and we are planning her baptism for the 16th of August. Among the four elders here in Sunnyside ward, we have six baptisms scheduled this month.

The ward here continues to amaze me. We went around to make calls to less-actives and new converts about a barbecue tonight and they had already been invited. We needed somebody to take an investigator to the food bank and we could not find anybody to do it. We finally called a sister in the ward at 10:30 pm and she said that she would do it. We later found out that not only did she take her to the food bank, but she took her out to lunch and volunteered to take her to church and to sit in on her lessons. Little miracles like that is what keeps us going.

I am doing great here outside of Portland. I read Ether chapter 2 about how the Brother of Jared comes to the beach and stays there for four years before the Lord has to come down and chew him out. Sometimes we get settled into our own beaches and the Lord has to chasten us. We have to keep moving forward and keep striving to grow closer to Jesus Christ and everything else will be fine. I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support.

Love, Elder Reiley

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