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Friday, August 8, 2014


Dear Family,

I haven't received any packages yet,but I am sure that when I transferred so quickly the mail is just following me. Please just send me a calendar for next year when they come out; pictures of Christ or temples. Thanks for the family stories about Grandpas 80th birthday party! It was good to hear about some of those pictures of him. Nice fish Austin and Carson! that 16 looks huge! Don't be thinking that it is because of your skill. It is because your big brother is serving the Lord! 

Things in this zone are different than where I was before. Elder Kunz is pretty cool. We talk about the Laurdsens all the time so that is a cool connection. The grandma that I sat by in sacrament meeting will be so excited to hear about how family is connected to Felt! I'm sure i will find more connections. My companion is from Spanish Fork, Utah. His name is Elder Livingston. He is super into video games. He held 3 world records at one time for beating a game and he still owns one, even though he has been out for 8 months! We live with the Gurneys. They are pretty cool. Their youngest son just left for Utah Valley University. 

We tracted into this 17 year old girl on Thursday and taught her the restoration on Friday. She came to church Sunday. She seems golden, but it just seems kind of weird to me. Maybe I am just being pessimistic and inexperienced, but I asked her if she had ever heard of the Mormon religion and she said that she hadn't and then we had some members tell us that they swore they saw her at church another tie. So we will see how it goes. We have a few other investigators that are progressing. We will get to teach somebody who is halfway famous. His name is Nick and he and his wife are Hawaiian. They haven't officially moved into the ward yet, but they have come to church a lot and they have read the Book of Mormon and they believe that it is true. Nick is an author who writes about bow hunting. He has written 8 books and has his own YouTube channel. He is going to write an article for the Ensign soon. He gave us the whole rundown on why the Book of Mormon is true because of Nephi's story of how he broke his bow and how it all matches up with the bow technology at that time and there is no way Joseph Smith could have known that. He moves into the ward at the beginning of September. We are also teaching this other family that is way nice and they are just good people. they are way funny. We brought them pancakes from ta ward activity and we joked with them that we had to fight off starving children clinging to our pant legs to get them there. Seth, the dad, was like, "well, they wouldn't be starving children anymore if you fed them; gotta keep the status quo." HaHa! They know they need to get baptized, they just don't want to give up alcohol. We will keep working with them. 

Keep on the member missionary work. We are told that the missionaries are supposed to teach and to help find and the members are supposed to find and help teach. We are trying to go completely away from tracting so referrals are a huge part of our work. Also, some of the best lessons have been with a member present. Missionary work never ends!

One thing that I seem to get a lot form people is how do you know this or how do you know that? I usually respond with a cliche answer, but I read Alma 5:45-46 and I think I will read that next time. 

Here is some homework for you. Pick your favorite Book of Mormon prophet and read one chapter about him. Look for Christlike attributes about that prophet, and try to improve at least one of those attributes in yourself. 

Everything is great here in the Fern Prairie ward in Camus, Washington! My ward missionary leader, Brother Forsythe is awesome. I am so thankful to be able to work with him. I love you all! Thank you so much for your support and prayers; I know they help me out.

Elder Reiley

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