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Monday, July 28, 2014


Dear Family,

It was awesome to talk to everybody on the phone.  It was funny, nobody has called me Jaxon in a couple of weeks so when I heard it, I knew that it was somebody I knew from home and it turned out to be Lance and Angela.  it was so nice that she let me use her phone.

Carson!  Way to endure through scout camp! That is actually a really hard thing to do.  You are away from home with different people.  It definitely gets you out of your comfort zone.  But I saw a quote at the MTC and it said, "There is little comfort in a growth zone,  and there is little growth in a comfort zone."  It is so true and I am glad that you made it.

Austin way to work hard at football camp bud.  I don't think I have many good memories from football camp haha!  But, it will help you in the future though and the coaches are looking for who is real and who will be on the sidelines.  It is brutal but it is worth it.

To answer your questions: my companion is Elder Hudson from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The first counselor in the presidency, President Anderson, said I must have been righteous in the pre-existence to get him as a trainer.  He is rally smart, has a great memory, knows the scriptures by heart, and gets familiar with an area really quickly.  However I am his first trainee and he has only been out three months and this is a new area to him as well, so we are learning right with each other.  Once we get settled and figure out what we are doing, we will accomplish great things.

My transition was fine.  I am still getting used to the area and the people here.  President Taylor told me I would experience a bit of culture shock so I thought I would be going into downtown Portland, but it is actually the richer part of Portland so it hasn't been too bad.  We are teaching several people, one of them with a date for the 23rd of August.  I have made several connections.  the first day I got there, the couple in charge of housing, the Gilbert's, told me their daughter in law was t my farewell.  Also, i am eating dinner with Rex Fullmer's roommate in college this Thursday.  I also met a guy in the elder's quorum from Sugar who said that his brother married Buzz Rasmussen's daughter!  I was visiting this older member family that lived in Idaho for a time.  We started talking about Newdale!  It is beautiful here, even though it is in the city.  There are hills and green trees everywhere.  Just what I was hoping for.

I really hope the Cavs the hold off on a championship for a couple of years.  You know, develop the young players, get some experience, and most importantly, wait until I get home!  thanks for the updates.

So I was thinking of how different the Sunnyside ward is compared to Tetonia 1st.  Then we helped a couple move into their apartment with the elders and high priests.  I was rarely involved with a move at home, but the people reminded me of people from Tetonia.  there was a guy that talked more than he lifted, the guy that showed up late but makes sure everybody knew he was there, the guy who brought his kids that can't lift anything, the guy who thinks he's a genius when he goes to the back of the trailer and started handing stuff to people and the guy who started organizing and coordinating people even though it's not even his own house!  It was funny and I think the same thing must be everywhere!

I will send pictures next week.  I have taken a bunch, but I forgot my cord today, so I will send some next time.  I love you all.

Elder Reiley

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