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Monday, July 11, 2016


Dear Family,

This week was probably the most eventful week of my mission and I don't have a lot of time, so I will summarize as best I can.

We went to a Filipino fiesta on the 4th of July evening. There were about 50 Philippinos there. I was the only white guy. It was an interesting experience for sure.

I had my departing interview with President McAteer. I really really like President McAteer. He is such a people person. He gave me some really good advice, mostly about a career. I really enjoyed it.

We finally met with Robert this week. He has been so up and down. It was a good meeting with him. He seems ready to go. He went with a friend to do genealogy work at the family history center. Then he didn't show up at church again. I"m not quite sure what is going on.

I went on my departing temple trip. It was good to get back together with the missionaries going home. I will be sure to send some pictures.

Elder Labis is getting transferred. I am sick about that. I have never ever seen any ward love any missionary as much as the Sunnyside ward loves Elder Labis. Everybody will be heartbroken all around, but change is necessary for growth. 

We taught Keith and Misty. It went well. Keith still has a spark. Mistly has a really basic knowledge of the gospel. She would get baptized today, though. They committed to come to church and then something came up so they didn't make it. It was a good lesson though.

We woke up on Saturday morning and there was water everywhere. Our upstairs neighbor had a water heater that was leaking. It was pretty bad, but nothing got ruined except the carpet. We have had about 7 fan things drying everything out. They are super loud and they make the air dry and hot, so I haven't slept well the last few nights.

I talked to a lady on the street that I remembered talking to two years ago. It was a cool connection. At first she just brushed us off and kept walking, but then I remembered it was her and I called for her to come back. Haha. She appreciated that I remembered her (even her name!) and her heart was softened and we talked for a little bit. She remembered me after a while.

Quite a few people came to church. One less-active lady we just met ca e ad another one that we have been working with also randomly showed up. April got Sunday off so she came with Donald. Then a random 12 year old girl showed up and talked to us and said she wants to learn more about the church because she has a friend that is a member in Sandy, Oregon. Sweet! We met her mom and tried to work something out, but it was a cool experience. 

The good-byes were hard as usual. I love the Sunnyside ward. As far as wards go, it has been my favorite ward. It is a great ward and I am thankful for the people here. Elder Labis loves good-bye pictures so we took a bunch of them and I will send them.

The temple sounds great! I set a goal to attend once a month, no matter how busy life gets. I have seen the blessings from attending the temple regularly. Also, I'm in for moving pipe! I can't believe that I am actually a little excited bout it. 

Food? Not really anything specific, but huckleberry shakes are a great idea because there are no huckleberries here for some reason. I'm good with anything though. 

So I finished the Book of Mormon this morning. There was one thing that really stood out to me. Moroni 9:6 is a famous missionary scripture. I have read it a lot and I have always related it to my mission. Just keep working, even though the people have hard hearts But when I read it this morning, my perspective was obviously different. He said "whilst in this tabernacle of clay". I"m not sure why it was worded like that, but it means while we still have bodies. When you are alive and breathing, you have a labor to perform. So even though I am going home, I still have a labor to perform. It has only just begun and I am excited for it.

Thanks again for another email and all of the emails before. I'm going through a big adjustment and a lot of change over the next few months, but I know God will help me. See you tomorrow!

Love: Jaxon.

1. The Packham family. One of my favorite families in the ward.
Brother Packham is the elders quorum president.
2. Departing temple trip.
3. The Cornia's. Brother Cornia is the ward mission leader.


1. Elder Woodrum and me. One of my favorite missionaries!
2. Elder Labis and I with the Dickey family

4th of July Pictures


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