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Monday, March 14, 2016


Dear Family,

Thanks for the email and for the updates form home. I love hearing from you. 

This week went pretty well. Elder Trotter and I did  a lot of sifting through a bunch of people that the past missionaries have talked to. We dropped a lot of people and picked up some new ones. Ed came to church again. It was crazy. His wife joined in our lesson which was cool. She has some potential. We also had another investigator come to church. His name is Nicholas and he is ten years old. Neither of his parents are members, but he has great fellowship and his parents are supportive. We have only talked to him a couple of times so hopefully we can continue to teach him more. 

We went to the Cathlamet branch on Sunday. That was an interesting experience. They have a little branch building. There isn't even a chapel. There is just a big room and we set a bunch of chairs up. There was a missionary farewell so apparently they had about double what they usually have. It couldn't have been more than 70 or so people. It is a good branch, though. The high priest group leader is Brother Riley so that has been fun. I am excited to work there. 

There are Spanish elders and sisters in my district so I get to keep up on it a little bit. I have given them a few referrals so far. I can basically introduce ourselves and set up a return appointment. If they say something back I just nod my head and act like I know what's going on. Haha. 

We had an interesting lesson last night. It was with a part-member family. I have had some pretty bad teaching environments, but this one was really bad. Music was blaring, kids were running in and out, the TV was going. It was tough. I just noticed that the kids had no discipline. I am very thankful for how I was raised. I know I will take what I learned form the families I have met out here and use their examples (good and bad) in raising my own family. So thank you. 

I am pumped for March Madness this year! I think anyway. I can't really follow it much, but I bet it will be a good tournament. Schultzy has been keeping me updated periodically so that has been nice. 

Let me know what you need as far as school and and all that. I want to work as much as I can, so that will include Saturdays too, if I can. so I am thinking of taking the first few days and doing stuff where we need to go in the morning (fishing at Henry's ... etc.). The rest of the time I can do some stuff in the evenings. Anyway, we can plan more as it gets closer. 

Thanks so much for the email. Thanks for all of the support and prayers and love. I know that they help me out. I love you all and I hope you have a great week.


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