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Monday, January 4, 2016


Dear Family,

Happy 2016! What a crazy year 2015 has been. It was a good one though. I am excited to see what 2016 brings for me.

People here are great... people skills aren't really the strong suit, but that's fine. Everyone has strong opinions on a bunch of random stuff (the move, Avatar, Crones' Disease, Taco Bell, whatever). I've noticed that some parents so the extra mile in disciplining their children when we are around and it's clear that it is not the norm. People are typically happy and they are always trying to get us to laugh. You know the ones where somebody cracks a joke and every single eye in the room looks at you to see your reaction. We get a lot of that Haha. 

The weather here has been really cold. I guess it snowed pretty hard in Portland and Vancouver. It didn't snow here, though. The days have been surprisingly really clear. because of the humidity, it feels a lot colder than it really is. I have enough warm stuff, though, so I'm good. 

Here is an update on Beca. She is still progressing so well. We had a great lesson with her on Tuesday. I actually met an investigator in a different ward on exchanges named John who is on-date of baptism. he is really solid so I decided to bring him with us to Beca. He said all the right things and Beca related to him super well because they are going through a lot of the same stuff. We moved Beca's date from February 6th to January 16th. She is doing really well. Missionaries found her in October. They were looking for a less-active that moved and Beca was the one that moved in!

Deven is still about the same. No real progression there with his mom. Deven does like to fish and he said he would take us salmon fishing on the 18th of January so I'm pretty excited about that. The K's are great! The surgery went better than expected. We have not seen them yet, but we have been in contact with them over the phone. There were no Spanish investigators at church, but we have a bunch lined up to come next week. 

We had a cool experience today. We had talked to a less-active that worked at KFC a few days ago and he said he wanted to start coming back to church. So we stopped by his house and he wouldn't let us in because he was afraid of what his girlfriend would think. So today, we decided to eat at McDonalds. While we were there, we saw two investigators and a member. Then Roger and his girlfriend walked in! So we sat next to them and started talking. Roger's girlfriend was really interested. She had no idea that Roger was a member. Haha. She really wants to come to church and we gave her a Book of Mormon to read. It was awesome. the lesson here is that fast food is inspired. Have I mentioned that Elder Stevens loves fast food? Well he does and he says it is inspired. :-)

Elder Stevens said his mom emailed him about Kathryn stopping by. That is so cool.

Oh, about my email, I worried about that but I forgot about it. I would usually get five or six emails a day from MLB and Cavs and whatever else. You can delete all of them.

Thanks for sharing the story about he Krout family. That made my day. They were all pretty worried about moving up to Idaho. Do you think President Taylor knew all of this was going to happen when he transferred me there? Haha. God is in charge of this work. I'm so grateful to be a part of His work. 

(From Marilyn: a brief story about the Krouts... they happened to be visiting the Tetonia 1st ward the day Jaxon gave his farewell. They are from Vancouver. At one point Jaxon was in their area and they had him over for dinner so he met the family. Last Saturday, the Krouts were visiting their grandparents (parents) in Rigby, and the 10 year old girl went skiing at Targhee with some friends. She got in an accident that seemed pretty bad at first. The paramedics took her to the hospital in Driggs. The mom got a hold of Bishop Richins and asked him to give her a blessing while she was on her way from Rigby to Driggs. He did. The little girl was pretty upset and in a lot of neck pain and scared. When Bishop Richins asked where she was from, she said, Vancouver, and then he talked about a missionary from his ward in Vancouver and said, "do you know Elder Reiley?" He said that she did know him and that he came to her house for dinner. They talked about him for awhile and the more they chatted, the more calm and less pain she experienced; her mom made it to Driggs and all was well.)

I have finally written down some of the bigger connections I've made out here. I've got Sister Lauritzen (the Felt book lady), Grandpa's cousin, Brother and Sister Ard, Bishop Johnson (not sure if I ever told you this one. Bishop of the Crown Point ward is brother of Sister Dvorak), the Krout family, Elder Aguirre and Uncle Doug (interviewed him for the Melchizedek priesthood) and Hermana Butler and Uncle Gordon. If there are any others that I messed then let me know and I will add them to the list.

Thank you for the great email as always! I love hearing from you. Keep being great examples at home and wherever you are I love you and I appreciate your love, prayers and support. Everybody have a great week! 


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