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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Dear Family,

Fred is quite the guy with his videos haha. I'm glad that you enjoy watching me try to ditch him. Speaking of, did you get a text today with a picture of Elder Jewkes and me? That was a lady that cut Elder Jewkes' hair today. She is so nice. It turns out she isn't even a member! 

Answer time:
Elder Jewkes is amazing. He is a go-getter. He is also really smart. I think the real reason why I am with him is because he is always so positive and happy. Nothing gets him down. He loves sports! We talk all the time and we also play basketball on P-day. 

So Elder Jewkes and I have a training prepared that's about 45 minutes. That is the part where we train on how to teach and how to find. The rest of the day is us going out with all the other elders in their area and doing missionary work.

Hmmmm... I can't think of anything I need form home to help with that, but I will let you know, though.

Living conditions are great. We live in a three bedroom two bathroom apartment with Elder Brase and Elder Brasher.

In the last week we have met with President Taylor several times. We meet with him every Monday morning and he also called a meeting with us on Saturday night because he just got back from a mission president's seminar. We mostly just talk about upcoming meetings, transfers, goals, vision, etc.

NO I DON'T DRIVE THE MINIVAN!!! THANK HEAVENS!!! We drive a brand new Toyota Corolla.

I am pretty comfortable driving around the mission. I have a pretty good grasp on the main freeways and roads. The drivers here are not aggressive at all. The traffic is not bad most of the time.

I am actually walking more now than what I did before. When we go to an area that doesn't have a car, sometimes we end up walking all day. Plus, Elder Brasher loves to run in the morning so sometimes we do that too. 

Most of the time we eat with the missionaries at their dinner appointment so I am good with money. 

We still follow the same routine in the morning. We have personal and companionship study. We start our exchanges after that. We also come home at night when we are done.

I am absolutely loving this new calling. There is not half as much stress as having an area. I just get to focus on missionary work and the missionaries. We work really hard and get a lot of work done. On Sunday we didn't know where to go to church,so we just picked a random ward next to where we were going on our exchange. It was weird. It is tough not having an area, but I realize that the missionaries are my investigators and I am having a blast. It is great to work with President and Sister Taylor as well. They are really great people and they have made my mission a positive experience. 

We sent the old missionaries home from the airport and brought the new ones in on Tuesday. That was quite an experience. We have one new missionary named Elder Brown from Ririe, Idaho. Does anybody know him?

Did you get my package? I sent one with some stuff that I don't need anymore. It was supposed to get there November 1st. If it's late, it's ok. 

How is Uncle Alan doing? You told me that he got pretty banged up in a horse riding accident.

So far we have had two exchanges in Vancouver, one in Camas, and one in Gresham. This next week we have two exchanges so far. I can see that Heavenly Father rewards us for working hard. Thank you for all the support! I loved the email. It sounds like things are going great at home. That is a bummer about football. Hopefully basketball season is a success this year. There should be some seasoned players returning so it should be good. I'm glad the baptism went well. That is a cool experience for Tanner before he takes off.

Here is a cool principle that I have heard twice this week. Once from a ward mission leader and once from President Taylor. A lot of times, we focus too much on our weaknesses. Because we want to be humble, we are very aware of our weaknesses. Sometimes Satan exposes them and gets in our head and we become discouraged by our weaknesses. It is okay if we are aware of our weaknesses as long as we are not immobilized by them. It is much more important to be aware of our strengths. It's not arrogance or pride. It is using what God has given you to bless others. It's also a lot less discouraging. Thank you again for the email. I love you and I hope you have a great week. 

Elder Reiley & Elder Jewkes

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