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Monday, October 26, 2015


Dear Family,

Thank you for the great email. This week was crazy! It was really long for some reason. Anyway, I will start out with my birthday. Elder Ewell's birthday is the day after mine so we celebrated ours together on the 20th. we went out to dinner at an awesome Thai place in downtown Vancouver. the best part was that President and Sister Taylor came. It was great t spend some time with them. 

S and H came to church again! They are on the streets, but they made it to church. They are really sincere people. They have seven children. Anyway, they enjoyed church a lot and we got to teach them and had an awesome lesson. Hopefully they get their feet under them financially. I know that Heavenly Father will provide a way for them to continue to attend church and progress in the gospel. 

We found out transfer news and it is pretty insane. I am leaving! Haha. I just got here! I was not expecting that. Elder Wilson is staying for another transfer. My new companion is Elder Jewkes from Taylorsville, Utah. We were also in the MTC together. So here is the weird part. WE are not assigned to a ward or area. We are not in a district or zone. Our job is to go on exchanges with all of the missionaries across the mission, specifically the district leaders and anybody who is training. So we will be on an exchange pretty much everyday. The official title is traveling assistant to the president, but we are not the official assistants. However, we are still in all of the meetings with President and we give a lot of trainings. 

So I am so excited about this calling. I am living with Elder Brase and Elder Brasher who are the assistants so that will be fun. It is going to be so different not having an area. I won't have investigators or a ward council or anything. The cool thing will be that I get to go all over the mission. So I will get to go to the coast and Portland all all over Vancouver. I will be able to visit some former areas as well. And the calling starts right now. So Elder Brase and Elder Brasher picked me up last night so we can get everything ready to go for transfers on Wednesday. It is going to be an interesting transfer that's for sure.

I loved serving in the Ridgefield and Salmon Creek wards. There are a lot of great people there and I felt so much at home. I tried not to tell very many people I was being transferred, but I did talk to Sister Krout. She said to let her know when my homecoming will be and she will be there. That will be cool. I will send some pictures of me with the Hutchinsons. Brother Hutchinson is one of my favorite members I have met. They just got baptized a year ago and are going through the temple. They are an awesome family. I also said good-bye to Brother Stamps! Haha... he is awesome, too and I loved living with him.

Thanks for the updates from home. Good luck to the Redskins in the tiebreaker! Thanks so much for the email. I love hearing from you. Keep up the great work and have an awesome week. I love you.! 


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