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Monday, August 17, 2015


Dear Family,

Good question about the journal. I filled out my first one at the end of January and started a new one. I probably have another two months or so with that one. So far I have missed only one day! Every other day has been recorded in the journal because I don't want to forget anything.

So we met with A this week and had an awesome lesson with her. She has been overwhelmed with a lot of things going on in her life so any prayers for her will be helpful. We set a new baptismal date for September 12 and she seems determined to get there. She worked until 3:00 am on Sunday morning and came to church and then went back to work at 3:00 pm on Sunday and worked for another 12 hours. She was telling people at church that she is getting baptized soon so that was a good sign. She seems like she is most likely to be baptized at this point.

Good question about our ward mission leader. I don't think he is a convert, but he grew up in an inactive family. He grew up not going to church, but he ended up serving a mission and has been active ever since. I noticed that Lindsey is the ward mission leader in Tetonia. He will be good. I get LDS tools for all the wards in the Driggs, Idaho stake and I check up every once in a while. It looks like the Sunday school presidency is set up to get a lot done. :-) (FYI the Sunday school president in our ward is Jeff, 1st counselor is "Bish" (Brent Robson) and the 2nd counselor is Doug Dalley).

Tuesday was the best day I have had in a long time. I went on exchanges with Elder Robinson who is brand new in the field. We also live with him. Elder Robinson is from Riverton, Utah and the first person we talked to graduated from Riverton High School two years ago. It was Trent. They talked forever about Riverton. Trent knew that it was inspired and he wants to start coming to church. He is going to attend the YSA ward. Then we go out to the boonies and I get a call from an Idaho number and it was Jason Hess wanting to meet up in a few hours! Ha! It was awesome! We met for a few minutes and went to Subway. It was so cool. He had Coleby and Dusty with him on their way to baseball. Then a priest from the Fern Prairie ward walked in. So there is a 19 year old from Riverton, Utah, a family and a 19 year old missionary from Felt, Idaho, and a 17 year old from Camas, Washington all chatting it up in a Subway in Troutdale, Oregon. Who would have thought?! It was cool. Then we had some good teaching appointments that evening. Plus it was a beautiful evening so it was a great day overall.

Happy anniversary! 24 years is a long time, now just imagine eternity! I also sent Grandpa Hart an email. 81 birthdays are a lot of birthdays!

As far as things I need, I think I am good for a few months. My P-day shoes are wearing out, though, but they will last for awhile. The $18 Walmart doesn't go very far! haha! Something cheap and not flashy would be great but I don't need them immediately.

President Taylor gave us all a study assignment to study for the next few weeks. They are all about the Atonement and the doctrine of Christ, which is faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. I am learning so much! When we say the same message is taught in the Book of Mormon as in the bible, we are not lying. Christ taught the same thing to everybody. The more we internalize the doctrine of Christ, the more Christlike we will become. I will let you know some more things I learn.

Thanks again for the email. I love you all and I hope everybody has a great week!


Watering flowers (they asked the owner if they could water flowers, they said yes)


Hess (Jason Coleby Dusty)

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