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Monday, June 1, 2015


Dear Family,

We are getting prepared for a week full of finding. Our main investigators  have really stopped progressing so we are going to go out and look for those who are willing to keep commitments. Thanks for all of your prayers. I am definitely learning to adjust to the Lord's timeline and not worrying so much about mine.

We got to hear from Elder Nielson from the seventy this week. Do you remember his talk in conference? he is such a good speaker. He was just made head of the missionary department. What is cool is that he and President Taylor grew up in the same ward in Burley, Idaho! President Taylor is just a couple years older than Elder Nielson. Anyway, he talked about the Atonement and it was awesome. I love being taught by the spirit. Another highlight was we got to go to the temple this week. We go super early the morning, but I love it. The Portland temple is beautiful.

I was so sad to hear that Elder Perry passed away. He was a presence that's for sure. He was about 6;6"! I think of how much faith he had. I am sure that he knew exactly where he was going. I am sure the reunion was great especially with his wife.

Some sad news is that my former companion went home today. He developed some fiber mi alga (I have no idea how to spell that) and had to go home.

Happy birthday Dad! I can't believe you're 50! I was going to send you a package last week but it was Memorial Day so I sent it this week. It should be there by Thursday.

Thanks for the pictures of Crystal Lake. That is such a beautiful spot. I love it there. It sounds like the Cavs are doing great. That will be a really fun series to watch so keep me updated. I am glad to hear that the Indians are doing better. Fanconia will keep them in line and Kipnis is a stud. I also hope Carson keeps up the great work on the diamond. I hope you can power through another week of school.

I do not know any Orbergs, however, have you met Sister Tyler yet? She is serving in the Tetonia 1st ward. Elder Brase knows her and her family really well because he served in her ward for 6 months so tell her hi.

I have been thinking about commitment lately. It is funny how we as missionaries expect investigators to keep their commitments, yet we don't keep some of the commitments we made to serve a mission. With everybody in general, we expect people to do what they say they will do. Yet, how many members are not keeping the promises that they made at baptism? Just something to think about. I love you all and I hope everybody has a great week.

Love, Jaxon

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