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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Possible connection? 
No David Phillips in this stake. I am pretty much just north of
Milwaukie. My first Ward covered part of it, but Milwaukie is its own
stake in the Portland mission. I did get a sweet connection though. I
gave a talk in church on Sunday and I gave the analogy how if you were
driving around Idaho, you would never find where Felt is. There are so
many people looking for the gospel, but they don't know where to find
it. We have the gospel so it is our job to tell people about it. Well
afterward this lady came up to me and said that her grandpa was raised
in Felt and his last name was Reiley! Haha her grandpa is Robert
Reiley! It is a small world. Her name is Beverly Dalling Hansen
(Dalling is her maiden name). Third cousins? Get Grandpa Reiley on

Hi again Jaxon, 

So do you know Cherise Hibbert (used to be Cherise Phillips) Bryce Hibberts mom? She has a brother that lives somewhere by Portland and I was curious to know if you were in the same area. His name is David Phillips. I taught him.  Cherise said he is by Milwaukee??? Is that anywhere by you? What is the city that you are in? 

I love you jax. Mom

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