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Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear Family,

Here are the transfer details first. My companion is Elder Woodward from Utah. He is just a humble kid who wants to learn. We are going to do great things here. I am getting used to the area and ward already. I saw the bishopric from my first ward at a leadership meeting so that was a cool reunion. I don't think I will need a bike. If I decide to get one,I will let you now and I think I have money in my account from what you said when we skyped. We live in apartments with the zone leaders, Elder Hammond and Elder Parks.They are both getting ready to go home so it is interesting to work with them. They are in the YSA ward. It is just me and Elder Woodward in the Cherry Park ward. I am getting to know the ward and area better. And you didn't see me at transfers on facebook because I wasn't there. Cherry Park is about 15 miles away from Gresham so they just drove me there and Elder Woodward was waiting so there was no need to go clear to Vancouver. Portland is different than Gresham, though. People are just weird. I could write all day about that. Here is one ironic experience. We were doing some planning at our apartment, and we got a knock on our door. This guy from a non-profit organization was inviting us to some event. So what did we do? We started teaching him! He was really interested in the after-life so we taught him the Plan of Salvation. It just felt so weird teaching somebody at our doorstep.

I am so bummed about Stuart Scott. He was one of my favorites. I wonder what he is thinking right now. This place is going crazy with Oregon playing tonight. It is funny, I have never seen so much Ohio State gear around! It shows what people are like. Keep me updated on basketball and how things are going.

So on Sunday night, here is what I wrote in my journal. "I am praying for a lifeline experience these next two transfers. Something that I can draw back on when things are tough or my testimony is weak. We will see what happens." Well it didn't take two transfers. It took about 20 hours! Last Monday night, Crystal called us all frantic-like because she couldn't get a hold of Bobby. Remember that Bobby is her very good friend that we have taught off and on while we have been here. He is struggling a lot right now both spiritually and financially and everything. We drove around and tried to call him, but we couldn't get a hold of him either. Finally, when we were about to leave the Max (kind of like a subway station) some interesting timing things happened, and a few minutes later, we saw Bobby getting off the train. His phone had died. He told us that he was headed to Phoenix (he as always wanted to get back to Phoenix,) to get his life in order. He said that he was inspired to make things right with God. He wanted to find the missionaries and get baptized. I know that Heavenly Father helped us to be there when Bobby showed up. I think He knew that I felt it was necessary to have a conversation with him. It was sad to see him go, but is was such a cool experience to have a final conversation with him. I really hope he is serious, and that he will turn his life around. He is a great guy.

Thank you for your email. I love you and I pray for you all. Have an awesome week.

Love, Jaxon

I sent some pictures. Let me know if they didn't go through or something.


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