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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Dear Family,

So did LeBron really re-sign with Cleveland? Record everything. I am actually cheering against the Cavs, which means that they will win one. I haven't received a call from Grandpa Reiley yet, so it might just be a rumor going around the MTC. Keep me posted.

So it turns out I can mail you letters at anytime and we check the mail twice a day, so don't be afraid to use the postal system. I can only e-mail on p-days which is Monday, so I will give you an update there.

The MTC is still going well. The zone is awesome. The spirit is so strong and I am learning so much.

Add another thing to your memorized list. Your purpose as a missionary found on page one of Preach My Gospel. Also, find movies by Shauna Thompson. She is the wife of a member of the branch presidency and I am pretty sure she plays on 17 Miracles, but I am too scared to ask.

One quote I would like to leave you with by John Bytheway. "Either you are changing the world, or the world is changing you."

Love, Elder Reiley

PS So I still don't really know anybody here, but I did meet the right tackle that I went up against when we played Gooding. he was also a heavy weight chap in wrestling. And he is gigantic.

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