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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dear Family,

Elder Jewkes and I had another busy week of exchanges this week. We started in Portland. I was able to spend the evening with Elder Aguirre. He goes home in a week. He has been a huge role model for me on my mission and I am thankful was able to be companions with him. On Tuesday we were in Vancouver. I got to spend the day with Elder Brown from Ririe, Idaho! It was awesome! We talked mostly about Idaho all day long. I sure hope it didn't make him homesick. :-) On Wednesday we were also in Vancouver. I went with a brand new missionary who was pretty homesick. It was a tough exchange, but I hope I was able to help him. We spent the weekend in a city by Vancouver. It is about the size of Twin Falls. I actually have never even been here until this transfer. It is the ugliest city I have ever been to  (and that includes Gooding, Idaho). There are a bunch of paper mills so it smells really bad. It is a really impoverished area and there are just a ton of drugs that go through there. However, it has been the highest baptizing area this year. It was fun to go there and do missionary work. 

Thanksgiving was awesome! Elder Jewkes and I didn't have an exchange so we went down to Portland and street contacted for a while. That was a blast. Then we had dinner with the Johnson's. They live pretty close to President Taylor and Elder Brasher is pretty close with them so all four of us tent over there. They are a cool family. Dinner was amazing and we had a good time. Right after that, we headed to the Nord's He is in the stake presidency in the Vancouver stake and I got to work with him for a little while. I had a child's portion at dinner, because I was so full, but it was amazing! It was a spiritual environment there and we talked about what we are thankful for and we talked about he gospel. Then I was humbled in a game of ping pong. President Nord's son smoked me! I will have to practice more I guess. 

I have thought a lot about Doug and his family this week. President Taylor didn't offer too much advice, haha. He pretty much said that he was called for a reason and he should do whatever he think is is best. He always says that the best way to do missionary work is your way done best. That's about all I got from him. I have also thought a lot about Hayden and Taylor. What a great opportunity for them to be in such a great environment surrounded by a bunch of missionaries! That will keep them on the path to serve a mission for sure. It will definitely be an act of faith and trust in the prophet and apostles, but I know it will work out for the best. I know that the next three years will be such an amazing and spiritual experience for their family. 

Thanks for the update from home. I'm glad the hunting harvest was good. Hopefully there are still a few animals around when I get home! Now it's time to focus on ducks and geese until the end of the year. I'm also glad that everybody had a good Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with family. Thanks for sharing what you are grateful for. 

The scripture I ponderized last week was Isaiah 29:13-14. It is a scripture about the restoration and I love it. I have bought about how we are literally fulfilling scripture. We are all a part of the marvelous work! Anyway, I haven't decided what scripture to ponderize this week. 

Thanks for everything! I love you all a lot. Could I get some contact solution too? That would be great. I am really looking forward to the package, but I am not looking forward to waiting until Christmas! HaHa. Thanks for all of your love and support and I hope everybody has a great week. I love you!


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